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South Ottawa Community Legal Services and Community Legal Services Ottawa Centre are independent non-profit agencies providing free legal assistance to low income individuals living within specified geographic boundaries our clinics serve.

We are governed by our respective boards of directors elected by and accountable to our communities. We are funded by Legal Aid Ontario. We provide legal services to low income people who qualify financially, geographically and who need legal assistance in our areas of practice.

We can help you if you are having problems with:

  • Housing;
  • Immigration and Refugee Issues;
  • Ontario Disability Support Program;
  • Ontario Works;
  • Workers' Compensation;
  • Employment Insurance;
  • Canada Pension Plan benefits;
  • Old Age Pension benefits;
  • Canada Child Tax benefits.

What's New...

We've Amalgamated!

  • As of April 1, 2017, three of Ottawa's community legal clinics have become one! The legal clinics of Community Legal Services Ottawa Centre, South Ottawa Community Legal Services, and West End Legal Services are now Community Legal Services of Ottawa! We continue to provide the same access to justice services to the Ottawa community. Our hope is that our new organization will improve accessibility, consistency, and overall quality of service for our clients. We are maintaining three office locations to ensure that our clients can access services in their own communities. Our new website has yet to launch. In the meantime, information on our services can still be found at the websites of the original clinics.